Puffed soybean meal food grade

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Keywords:Puffed soybean powde , Soy flour food grade , Soybean powder
Origin:Made In China

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Product Description

Technical indicators:

Color: light yellow to yellow

Water: less than 8% or less than 5%

Thickness: production according to customer's requirements

Lead (Pb): 0.5mg/kg

Total arsenic (As): 0.5mg/kg

The total number of colonies: less than 10000cfu/g or less than 1000cfu/g

Coliform: less than 40MPN/100g

Mold and yeast: less than 25cfu/g

Pathogenic bacteria: no detection

Product features´╝Ü

Highly puffed, uniform powder, good water solubility, without any additives, with natural soybean puffed fragrance

Product Description:

The powder which is refined after the expansion of soybean is puffed soybean powder. Usually choose the Northeast soybean as raw material, production according to the customer to make the required products powder mesh, puffing degree standard, can also according to customer requirements, adding other cereals or edible raw materials according to a certain proportion mixed puffed powder. The origin of soybean is in China. Soybean contains many kinds of amino acids and phospholipids. Its nutritional value is more than that of the same weight of chicken. So it is known as "vegetable meat" and enjoys the reputation of "green cow". Soybean has the effect of preventing disease, beauty and aging, and its soybean flavone has the function of brain and intelligence. Ancient records of traditional Chinese medicine: often edible soybean, can "be strong, the appearance is red and white, never gaunt".

Product uses:

It can be widely used in food, health care products, dairy products, cereal drinks, milk tea, baked food, solid beverage, punching food, nutritious diet food, nutritious meal, snack food, seasoning food, infant food, pasta, cakes, biscuits and other products.

Payment Terms:TT / LC
Lead Time:in 10 days

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